A little Cult Beauty haul

An email with a 15% Cult Beauty discount, combined with me starting to run out of some of my holy grail products meant that a Cult Beauty haul was always going to be inevitable. When I logged on, I was determined to only buy what I needed, but then all of the beautiful pictures and enticing writing meant that things started to get a little less restrained.

The first two things I bought were items that were in definite need of a repurchase – Pixi Glow tonic (the best liquid exfoliator which has really helped to keep my skin clear) and Jouer essential lip enhancer (a really lovely, creamy lip balm which I always put on before I go to sleep). Continuing on the skincare theme, Peter Thomas Roth’s pumpkin enzyme mask somehow made its way into my basket. Admittedly a little pricey for a mask (I think it was around £40), but it got amazing reviews, and I’m always looking for something to make my skin extra glowy. You also get a massive amount of product (150ml), and considering that I’d only use this once, or max twice a week, I think it will last me for a long time!

Next up was OUAI hair oil. I’d received some samples of the OUAI hair masks in a gift with purchase a few months ago, and loved them, so I wanted to give the rest of a line a go. I’ve only used it once, and I was not disappointed. Asides from the fact that it smells absolutely delicious, it did an amazing job of taming any fly-away strands and making my hair look shiny, but never verging on greasy.

The last three purchases were fairly random – I’ve been having a bit of difficulty getting to sleep recently (student accomodation doesn’t tend to be the most quiet!), and I remembered that I’d used This Works deep sleep pillow spray during my A Levels and it had really helped. This time however, I decided to try Mio Liquid Yoga homeopathic spray, as honestly it was much better value for money, coming in a much bigger bottle. I think I actually prefer it – the spray is still really relaxing, as it contains Lavandin (apparently a more intense version of lavendar), but is also almost refreshing as it contains Mentha arvansis. There are loads of other essential oils in it, which supposedly do lots of things (I’m not entirely convinced at how effective they can be considering the spray is for your room and pillows, and you don’t ingest it), but they come together to make a truly delicious scent. As a side note, if you ever have sore muscles (my new year’s exercise resolution is still, somehow, going strong), you have to try the Liquid Yoga bath oil – it really, really helps to relieve any aches and pains.

Finally, I bought a luxe defined crease brush and a luxe classic shader brush from Zoeva. Zoeva make such good quality, reasonably priced brushes and I figured the more I have the more likely I am to find a clean one when I’m doing my eyeshadow in a rush!


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