Finding a new perfume

For the last couple of months I’ve been desperate to find my ‘signature scent’. I’ve always loved the idea of everyone associating a specific smell with me, and I think I’ve always associated it as being very sophisticated and grown up. However, finding that scent, as I’ve discovered, is not easy.

Scent is such a personal thing, where something that smells delicious to one person could make another want to gag. I currently wear Jo Malone’s Nectarine blossom and honey cologne, which is light, crisp, and sweet without going anywhere near being sickly. Whilst I love it, the scent doesn’t stay around for long, and I often can’t smell it on myself. I personally wear perfume for myself, where I want to be able to smell it an hour after I’ve applied it.  The cologne also a very basic scent, which means that it’s great for layering (I think it smells great with Jo Malone Rose and Oud), but it doesn’t have the ‘depth’ that some perfumes have.

In my teenage years, like all of my friends, I had a bit of an obsession with Marc Jacobs perfumes (like Daisy and Lola – probably because of the amazing lids on the bottles!). Whilst I can still smell and enjoy them, they definitely bring me back to being 14! I also think that, because everyone used to wear them, that I want to find a perfume that no one else wears, and maybe isn’t easily available on the high street? That does make actually finding one difficult though, especially once you consider that I don’t even really know what I want it to smell like. I love Diptyque’s candles, and have always wanted to be someone who wears their perfumes (it seems like all the bloggers rave about Philosykos). I’m in a weird position where I sometimes love Philosykos (or some of their other perfumes) when I smell it, but then at other times I don’t like it. I just can’t seem to find the right fit.

Sorry this has been a somewhat rambly post – I know I want a perfume that is long lasting, that not many people will own/wear, but I don’t know exactly how I want it to smell! If anyone has any suggestions on what their favourite perfume is, or how to shop for perfume, I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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