An ode to the pedicure

I’ve just come back from the first pedicure I’ve had since September, and it made me realise how important it is (at least to me) to have them at least on a semi-regular basis. As someone who finds feet fairly gross, I don’t want to be too ‘graphic’ (no pictures of my feet – don’t worry!), but giving your feet some TLC can make such a massive difference! My heels were really cracked and tough before, to the point where they’d catch on my socks when I tried to put them on (eww gross I know, sorry!), and now, after some intense exfoliation (with what looked a bit like a cheese grater?!) they’re softer than they’ve ever been.

I went to California Nail Bar in Hampstead, and paid £25 for the most thorough pedicure I’ve ever had that lasted over 30 minutes. It is more expensive than buying a new bottle of nail varnish and doing it yourself, but personally I’d never be able to tidy up my cuticles and shape the nails as well as a professional technician could. I’d also usually never bother with the exfoliation and moisturising, and a professional pedicure even with normal nail varnish tends to last until it grows out on me! I do think its worth it to get pedicures/manicures even just to give you a better ‘base’ to work on next time you paint your nails for yourself, as it does make it so much easier. It’s also worth mentioning that a little foot maintenance can be very beneficial to your health, as cracked, painful feet can easily become infected.

My favourite part of having a pedicure however has to simply be the instant ‘feel good factor’ it gives you. It is so important to take time out for yourself, even if its just for an hour, and having someone else make your feet look pretty is a great way to do that! Having a manicure is also great (although I’d definitely recommend Shellac as it lasts so much longer), as it forces me to put my phone down and stop mindlessly scrolling at least for a bit!

P.S. If anyones interested, I went for bright red! xxx


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