What’s in my bag – university edition

I feel like I should start off by introducing the bag I use for my day to day university life, to take my stuff to lectures, practicals and supervisions. At the moment I’m using this Longchamp tote, although I’m currently lusting after this Whistles backpack, which is so incredibly beautiful, and would also probably be more practical for cycling. Now for the exciting bit – what’s actually inside!

                                                                                           Work stuff


Personally, I prefer to take notes in lectures on my laptop, by downloading the lecture handout off Moodle (a website where all of our course material is uploaded onto), and then annotating it using Preview. I like doing that because I can type more quickly than I can write, and often the lecture handouts don’t have that much free space on them, so if I use a really small font size I’ll be able to fit a lot more on. I use the Apple Macbook in gold, and I have two cases for it. The first is gold marble print, and is a hard case that is on my laptop constantly. I also have a padded pink slip case that I like to use when I’m carrying my laptop around, as I feel like it provides a lot more protection.

I also always carry a pad of lined paper and some pens, mostly for practicals and supervisions, as its much easier to draw diagrams out on paper. If I’m carry a hard copy of a lecture or practical handout, or maybe an essay to hand in at a supervision, I’ll put it in a popper file so that it doesn’t get crumpled.


I don’t have anything particularly exciting in my bag, and these are the things that I’ll transfer to another bag if I’m going out in the evening or at the weekend. I have my Mulberry card holder (I think the colour has been discontinued, as I bought it at an outlet store), my purse (also Mulberry, but again I think it was a seasonal piece), my glasses, keys, tissues, headphones, and hand cream. I love this Neutrogena hand cream, its by far the best in my opinion, as it’s really moisturising (I get incredibly dry hands, especially in winter), but not too greasy. I also have another tube of it next to my bed, and I slather it on just before I go to sleep (a potential future post – my bedtime routine?). The final item is my Symthson notebook, which I adore because it has so many pages, but isn’t at all bulky. I use it to jot down reminders, write my to do lists, and keep on top of my work.

That’s all for now, I hope you’re having a great day, and remember to check back soon for more posts! I’m posting every day at the moment, so please feel free to suggest any content you’d like to see.


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