An average weekend


Today was probably one of the most unproductive days of my university career. However, for once I don’t feel guilty about it, because on Friday night I acknowledged that I both deserved, and needed a break. I didn’t set an alarm, and lay around doing nothing for most of the morning with a big mug of tea. When I realised that I didn’t have any food, it looked like a trip out was necessary. I popped to Sainsbury’s and picked up the next few days worth of food (I try to plan my meals as much as possible, otherwise I end up wasting ingredients). My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up soon, so I also bought part of his present…

I cooked dinner with some of my friends which was lovely, and then went upstairs to have a bit of a pamper session – a ridiculously long shower (I miss having a bath so much!), a face mask, and I even got round to painting my nails! In Cambridge it’s so easy to get caught up in work, and constantly worry that you’re not doing enough, but its so important to make time for yourself.

Because I didn’t do anything ‘productive’ in terms of work, I had a very early night for me (10:00), and set an alarm ready to smash out a lot the next day.


07:30 – Alarm goes off. I mean to hit snooze, but accidentally turn it off completely!

10:00 – Oooops. Never mind, its still a fresh start (right?). I go downstairs to make some breakfast – porridge with raspberries and a tonne of sugar. (I’m so used to referencing images in my essays that I had to restrain myself from writing “See Figure 1).

                                          So yummy.

10:45 – I’m dressed and ready to start work. Over the next couple of hours I manage to finish a presentation and an essay plan, as well as reading over some notes on the cranial nerves.

14:00 – Lunch time! I’m feeling really lazy so opt to just microwave some soup, and eat it at my desk with some chicken whilst I watch YouTube videos, and try and get some more work done.

16:30 – A quick trip to Sainsbury’s to buy Crunchie Rocks to fill a serious craving. I demolish the whole pack.

17:00 – Supervision time! A supervision is essentially an hour long meeting with a specialist in the subject along with one or two other students, and they can get pretty intense! This one was on the cranial nerves, and we started with the supervisor demonstrating how to test the function of each one, followed by a discussion where we had to explain why he did each test, and how different pathologies would present. It was really nice to do something clinical based, as at Cambridge the medicine course is very ‘pure science’ based, and it can sometimes be difficult to see how the material we are learning will be relevant to a practising doctor.

19:00 – I make a quick prawn stir-fry for dinner, and FaceTime my boyfriend for a catchup.

23:00 – Bedtime, after doing my skincare routine and brushing my teeth etc.


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